Rubber Bio Base Gel Estetik - Nail Paradise

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Rubber base “ Estetik” for gel polish SPHYNX.

Used for alignment to nail plate. The rubber gel “ Estetik” is thick- medium viscosity. The texture allows you to model the natural nail without streaks under the cuticle and nail sidewalls. Soak off Gel Polish volume base gel. Plumping self- levelling formulation allows the material to perform as ridge filler to disguise imperfections on the natural nail plate.

No primer necessary! Unique rubber “Estetik” base adhesion lock this superior base coat into place and allows for quick removal.

Same adhesion property is utilized to create a special bond between the colour and base Very suitable for natural shiny overlays as well . Rubber base “ESTETIK” it is the best choice for YOU!!

Curing time in LED lamp - 30 sec