Qualifications Requirement - PLEASE READ

Products on this site are for use by qualified nail technicians and beauty therapists only.  You MUST provide proof of your qualification at the time of registration to the email address - icon.nailsupplies@gmail.com.  Failure to provide qualifications will restrict provision of goods.  If you have paid for these goods and have not provided your qualifications, then you must contact Icon Nail Supplies.

You as the customer waive all responsibility of Icon Nail Supplies should you provide funds to Icon Nail Supplies for purchased goods but do not provide any qualifications. You remain responsible if you have purchased an item but have not provided qualification details.   Icon Nail Supplies will seek to refund any payments made to a customer who has NOT provided any qualifications as defined in the sign-up / register page.

Icon Nail Supplies are NOT responsible for the time taken to refund any payments back to any client who does not have a recognised qualification in the Nail and Beauty Industry.  Icon Nail Supplies nor any of their associates are responsible for processing times of refunds as regulated by the financial services body from where the payment was made, or any other financial institutions.  

Your rights as a consumer are not affected by this determination.


Should you require further information please email - icon.nailsupplies@gmail.com.