Flexifoot LEFT with stand

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Flexifinger products allow nail students and nail technicians to practice new techniques independently without the need for a model.

The unique patented design prevents the inserted nail from slipping or moving , making it easy to practice filing and drilling too.

  • use universal full well tips
  • no need to glue nail tip on
  • keep the designs you create
  • practice any technique of nail enhancement
  • Spills of polish, acrylic or gels are easily wiped off

Affordable, portable and realistic, Flexifinger strives to bring you the best on the market with it’s quality and satisfaction guarantee.

* With unlimited practice at your fingertips, try out your nail skills on a Flexifinger or foot  today.

Half foot

Design stops mid foot

Interchangeable stand with the RIGHT foot and both flexinew hands.

Please choose the required colour from our colour guide and add to notes section on the order.

Slide in nails tips, universal full well tips are recommended. size 1 for Big toe, sizes 7-9 for others.

Very strong suction base.